Let's Fly Above
St Simons Island, GA

Departs from

Departs from McKinnon-St Simons Island Airport (KSSI)
1759 Demere Road – St Simons Island, GA

  • Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sunday Closed

Airplane Only Tours

Please Note: Airplane tours only at this location.

The High Tide Aviation Experience

Discover St Simons Island from the air, featuring historical insights and stunning natural landscapes


Lift off from McKinnon-St Simons Island Airport

Your tour starts at McKinnon-St Simons Island Airport (KSSI). Get acquainted with your pilot, board the aircraft, and prepare for an enlightening aerial experience.



Lighthouse and Historical Sites

Fly over the St Simons Lighthouse and the remnants of Fort Frederica. These landmarks highlight the historical significance of the island and its role in Georgia’s colonial history.



Natural Scenery and Wildlife

View the island's diverse ecosystems, including marshes and shorelines. Keep an eye out for local wildlife such as sea turtles and migratory birds, often visible from above.



Golden Isles Exploration

End your flight with a tour of the broader Golden Isles area, including Jekyll Island and Sea Island. These regions are celebrated for their serene landscapes and luxurious resorts. Return knowing you’ve seen the best of St Simons and its surroundings.


Select from the tours below


St Simons Island, GA

Lighthouse Tour

Fly past St Simons Island's historic lighthouse and coastline.

  • 15 minutes of flight
  • 17 miles of coastline
  • Airplane only
$ 80
per person

St Simons Island, GA

Jekyll Island

Explore Jekyll Island’s historical and natural beauty.

  • 20 minutes of flight
  • 25 miles of coastline
  • Airplane only
$ 100
per person

St Simons Island, GA

Golden Isles Passport

Comprehensive aerial tour of the Golden Isles’ key attractions.

  • 40 minutes of flight
  • 50 miles of coastline
  • Airplane only
$ 140
per person

Come Fly Over

St Simons Island, GA

Our St Simons Island location is located at the McKinnon-St Simons Island Airport (KSSI) in St Simons Island, Georgia. Here, you’ll find our airplane tours and our world-class flight school training local pilots across the southeastern coast. Come visit us today!


Frequently asked questions


Where can I take a helicopter tour?

Helicopter tours are available in Southport. It's a beautiful location offering stunning views and an unforgettable experience.


How many passengers are needed for a tour?

The number of passengers required for a tour depends on the type of aircraft:

  • Helicopter tours require 2 to 3 passengers.
  • Cessna tours can accommodate between 1 and 3 passengers.

Is there a weight limit for the tour?

Yes, the combined weight limit for all passengers is 550 pounds. This ensures a safe and comfortable experience for everyone on board.


What is the minimum age requirement for a tour?

Children aged 3 years and older are required to have their own ticket for the tour.


Are headsets included in the tour?

Yes, headsets are included in the tour. They allow you to communicate with the pilot and other passengers, ensuring you don't miss any of the commentary or exciting details during the tour.