The High Tide Experience

At High Tide Aviation, we offer unmatched aerial tours across Southport, NC, St Simons Island, and Beaufort, SC. Here’s what to expect when you book a flight with us:


Arrive at your designated airport—Cape Fear Regional Jetport, McKinnon St Simons Island Airport, or Beaufort, SC Executive Airport. Our staff will greet you and brief you on the day’s schedule. Safety is our priority; we'll provide a comprehensive safety briefing and introduce you to your pilot and aircraft.


The flight begins with take-off, offering immediate views of local landscapes. Each location presents unique sights: Southport’s beaches, St Simons Island’s historical sites, and Beaufort’s Lowcountry vistas.


During the flight, the pilot points out key landmarks and explains regional history. You'll see lighthouses, marshlands, rivers, historic forts, and beaches. The aircraft provides comfort and safety, allowing you to enjoy expansive views and learn about the areas below.


The flight concludes with a smooth return to the airfield. This is a moment to ask any additional questions to your pilot and take any last-minute photos.


After landing, there’s further opportunity to discuss the flight with your pilot and ask questions. Many guests enjoy taking photos with the aircraft and pilot afterward, capturing memories of their experience.

Booking with Us

Booking your flight is simple. Choose your tour, date, and time. We offer various tours tailored to highlight the best of each area, all with a commitment to safety and service.

High Tide Aviation delivers a straightforward, memorable flying experience. Every flight offers a new perspective, every view tells a story, and every guest is valued. Fly with us to see why we are the top choice for aerial tours in these regions.

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Frequently asked questions


Where can I take a helicopter tour?

Helicopter tours are available in Southport. It's a beautiful location offering stunning views and an unforgettable experience.


How many passengers are needed for a tour?

The number of passengers required for a tour depends on the type of aircraft:

  • Helicopter tours require 2 to 3 passengers.
  • Cessna tours can accommodate between 1 and 3 passengers.

Is there a weight limit for the tour?

Yes, the combined weight limit for all passengers is 550 pounds. This ensures a safe and comfortable experience for everyone on board.


What is the minimum age requirement for a tour?

Children aged 3 years and older are required to have their own ticket for the tour.


Are headsets included in the tour?

Yes, headsets are included in the tour. They allow you to communicate with the pilot and other passengers, ensuring you don't miss any of the commentary or exciting details during the tour.