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Let us show you how a private charter experience is far better than commercial airline travel.

It is quite obvious that the days of carefree flying with today’s airlines are gone. With the long security lines and crowded terminals, not to mention lack of comfort, even those who loved to fly previously aren’t finding it to be enjoyable anymore. If you want to get back to enjoying your trips from Southport, North Carolina to places such as Miami, Savannah, Charlotte, Atlanta, Norfolk, New York, Orlando, Atlantic City, Cape Hatteras, Boston, Charleston, or Nashville, the solution is a private charter. At High Tide Aviation, you’ll travel in complete comfort in our spacious King Air plane for all your pleasure and business flying needs.

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Imagine skipping the lengthy check-in process and never having to worry about whether your luggage will make it to your destination! You can even bring a pet on our pet-friendly private charter flights. With the comfort and attention that we have to offer with our private charter, you’ll not only love where you are going but also the experience of getting there. Of course, arrival can be nicer, too, as we are happy to assist you with ground transportation and concierge services.

About the King Air C90B

The King Air C90B is an eight seat, pressurized, all-metal, low-wing, twin-engine, turboprop airplane with retractable landing gear. It offers the perfect balance of payload, range, and speed. This versatile workhorse is equipped for an ideal traveling experience. The C90B features a square-oval design which provides more headroom and shoulder space for every passenger, with laterally tracking seats. The versatile and roomy 227-cubic-foot interior is sophisticated and convenient in design. The cabin is equipped with 26 tuned vibration absorbers to keep the area quiet and comfortable, which makes our private charter experience far more enjoyable than commercial airlines can ever hope to provide.

Roomy and reliable, the King Air has space for up to 7 passengers. With a cruise speed of 270 mph and a generous range of 1,000 nautical miles, it offers comfort, safety, and efficiency. With a service ceiling of 30,000 feet, our private charter flights can avoid most types of severe weather conditions, allowing you and your travel guests to spend your air time productively and without disturbances. You couldn’t hold a business meeting on a commercial flight, but you can with us!