Looking for aerial videography footage in the Southport area? Give us a call.

Aerial videography can be a great feature on your business or community website. It can be used to make impactful and memorable television commercials. Other uses include training videos, shareholder reports and many more. If you are looking for aerial videography footage in the area near Southport, North Carolina, we are standing by to help get the video you need. We have both helicopters and airplanes available, with an easy flat hourly rate that includes the pilot.

Aerial Videography in Southport, North Carolina

All you have to do is supply the videographer, or you can even ask us for a quote for a customized package with your parameters and the extent of your desired services. You will have no worries about the expertise and safety of our flight crews and our equipment. Our flight operations crew has extensive training and undergo a rigorous pre-employment training. Our aircraft maintenance team works hard daily to keep our fleet meeting the highest safety standards, and our aircraft undergo regular FAA safety inspections.

The Southport area is a beautiful place for aerial videography of all kinds. With all the natural beauty of our local beaches, rivers and islands, you are sure to get some amazing footage. We can also feature local historical landmarks, including lighthouses, plantations, piers, ports, ships and more. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at High Tide Aviation and discuss your ideas for aerial videography. Once we have an idea of what you want to shoot, we can discuss the logistics and particulars that will make your vision a reality.

Aerial Videography in St. Simons Island, GA