If you need aerial photography of the Southport area, we make it safe and fun to take the shots you need.

Aerial photography can create stunning, one-of-a-kind shots. When you live in an area with as much natural beauty as Southport, North Carolina, there are many reasons you may turn to aerial photography to highlight it. Here at High Tide Aviation, we offer commercial flights for aerial photography sessions at a flat hourly rate. This rate includes both the helicopter and the pilot for the time you need to get the perfect shots of the luxury home you are trying to sell or the business you are trying to highlight.

Aerial Photography in Southport, North Carolina

Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to invest in aerial photography with us:

  • Selling real estate: The real estate market can be tight, and you want any advantage you can generate. If you are looking to sell a luxury home or a local business, creating a visually interesting set of aerial photographs may be just what is needed to set your property apart.
  • Highlighting construction projects: Give your investors or potential buyers a bird’s eye view of the process and progress of your construction project.
  • Promoting your business or community: Create interest in your business or highlight the beautiful setting of your local community. It may give you a serious edge when trying to attract investors and vacationers looking for a beautiful coastal destination.

No matter the reason for your interest in aerial photography, we want to help. The options are limitless. Just reach out and ask us for a quote based on your unique parameters and the extent of your desired services. Give us a call today.

Aerial Photography in St. Simons Island, GA