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We offer commercial photography/videography flights at a flat hourly rate that includes the helicopter and the pilot.

There are a multitude of industries in the Southport, North Carolina area that can experience an elevated success with the use of aerial photography/videography. At High Tide Aviation, we work with many area businesses that need a bird’s-eye view captured in still photography or video to use for websites, television commercials, training videos, shareholder reports, and other purposes. Here are a few ways in which aerial photography/videography can be used:

Aerial Photography/Videography in Southport, North Carolina

  • Real estate- Marketing a luxury home or commercial property with an aerial photograph or video of the area shows your seller that you are committed to showing their property in the most effective and successful way.
  • Construction phases- Keep your investors and customers apprised of the progress you are making on their project by sending them aerial photography/videography at various intervals in the construction project.
  • Promotional- Showcase your business, community, or other endeavor from above for an unforgettable approach.

These are just a few of the practically limitless ways to use aerial photography/videography. We offer commercial photography/videography flights at a flat hourly rate that includes the helicopter and the pilot. You supply the photographer or you can reach out to us for a quote for photography packages that are based on the parameters of the shoot and extent of desired services.

If you have any questions about aerial photography/videography or any of our aircraft services, flight training, or pilot services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to assisting you in any way that we can so your company can be hugely successful.

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