Ready to take the next step and “add-on” your Multi-Engine Land Rating?

We offer MEL training in our Baron B55 with a G500 glass panel!
Not only will our Baron B-55 give you the remarkable exhilaration of added performance, but the safety factor is doubled when having not one, but two engines.

The multi-engine land acts as an Add-On to your current certificate. It will involve both VFR and IFR operations. There are no minimum time requirements for the multi-engine land rating; however you will need an instructor endorsement for flight and ground training prior to taking the checkride. There is no written exam, only an oral exam and practical checkride are required.

A multi-engine rating can be added to a private pilot certificate.

Getting Started

  • Current FAA medical
  • At least single engine private pilot

High Tide Aviation

Our syllabus will cover everything you need to know to safely operate a multi-engine airplane and pass your checkride. Typically pilots need about 10 hours of flight training to prepare for their checkride. The FAA requires training in the following specific areas:

  • Preflight preparation
  • Preflight procedures
  • Airport operations
  • Takeoffs, landings, and go-arounds
  • Performance maneuvers
  • Navigation
  • Slow flight and stalls
  • Emergency operations
  • Multi-engine operations
  • High-altitude operations
  • Post flight procedures

We encourage our students to complete the rating training in 1-2 weeks to maximize the retainment of learning the new skills.


The wet rate for dual training in the B55 is $600/hr

*discounts are available for pre-paid Flight Credits – NO REFUNDS for pre-paid Flight Credits – ask for details!*


Multi-Engine Rating in St. Simons Island, GA