Three Incredible Helicopter Flights to Take in the Cape Fear Region

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Have you ever wanted to see the world in a new way? Helicopter flights are the perfect way to explore our Cape Fear region. At High Tide Aviation, we offer helicopter flights to many of your favorite scenic areas. Our pilots will narrate as they take you to historic landmarks and beautiful beaches. We can even create a custom excursion to the places you have always wanted to see. You will enjoy stunning views and might even spot wildlife. Here are three incredible helicopter flights you could take in the Cape Fear Region:

1.  Oak Island Lighthouse. Built in 1958, this lighthouse rises 169 feet above the sea and looks over the beautiful Caswell Beach. We can give you a bird’s eye view of this captivating area.

Three Incredible Helicopter Flights to Take in the Cape Fear Region

2.  PSS Bendigo. This Civil War Blockade Runner ran aground in 1864. Today you can see its hull above the water during low tide, but it is extremely dangerous to wade out to it because of tidal activity and strong currents. Luckily, with our helicopter flights, you can have the perfect view of this fascinating piece of history. No matter the tides, you can see the distinctive outline of this historic boat.

3.  Frying Pan Shoals. This long, shifting area of sandbars is a dangerous place for ships. There are many historical shipwrecks in the area due to the navigational danger the area poses. These shoals are also a great place to spot sharks. Our helicopter flights give you a safe way to see these amazing animals in the wild with the perfect vantage point.

When you take a scenic helicopter flight, you will be captivated by the magical view all around you. With our helicopter’s large windows and the capability to fly low, you will have the perfect opportunity to see Cape Fear like you never have before. Plus our R44 helicopter is known for its safe design and comfortable ride. You will definitely have a trip to remember! Call us today to learn more and book your next scenic helicopter flight.