Popular Bucket List Wish: Learn to Fly

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It can be a fun exercise to develop a bucket list of the things you would like to accomplish during your lifetime and then actively work on checking off each of the entries you have made. For most people, a bucket list is a dynamic exercise with items being crossed off and more added as time goes by. The benefits of a bucket list cannot be overstated, as it can help you push beyond your comfort zone and focus on learning what you want out of life. If one of the benefits you want to achieve with a bucket list is improving your life overall, one to consider is to learn to fly. Here’s why:

  • You’ll learn life skills while you learn to fly- Think about skills that you’d want to develop in yourself, and you’ll realize that many of them can come with the process of learning to fly. For example, you’ll need to learn how to have patience, be responsible, have a strong commitment, and be focused to learn to fly. Imagine those skills carrying over into everything else you do!

Popular Bucket List Wish: Learn to Fly

  • You’ll gain bragging rights- Think about how many people in your circle have accomplished this feat. You’ll be in quite an exclusive group when you learn to fly!
  • You’ll gain increased confidence- Once you learn to fly, you’ll have the mindset that you can accomplish anything. Once you have put the necessary determination into this task, you’ll be able to put it into anything else you want to do in your life.
  • You could find out you want it to be a career- Flying isn’t just fun. It can lead to a rewarding career. You’ll have a host of opportunities, including being a rescue pilot, medical transportation pilot, or commercial airline pilot.

If you are ready to learn to fly and want to know more about what is involved in becoming a pilot, reach out to us at High Tide Aviation in Southport, North Carolina. Our flight school provides flight instruction by a certified flight instructor. We are happy to walk you through how to become a pilot and why our flight school is the perfect way to cross this dream off your bucket list as completed. Reach out today to learn more.