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If you are interested in learning to fly, we recommend reaching out to us to discuss our flight training program.

It might surprise you to learn how many people have “learn to fly” listed on their bucket list. If you have been wondering how to become a pilot, the answers to your questions are here at High Tide Aviation. While you could join the military to learn to fly, if you do not want to commit four or more years to such an endeavor, the other way is to receive helicopter or airplane flight training from our certified flight instructors. You bring your commitment to learn to fly and we take care of the rest.

Learn to Fly in Southport, North Carolina

We offer a variety of aircraft as the preferred flight instruction school in the Southport, North Carolina area. Every airplane and helicopter is regularly serviced and inspected, as well as properly maintained in accordance with FAA safety standards. You can rest assured that whichever of the following you learn to fly in, that you’ll be able to operate it safely:

  • Robinson R44 helicopter
  • Cessna 150
  • Cessna 172
  • Beech Baron BE55

If you are interested in the process to learn to fly, we recommend reaching out to us to discuss our flight training program, FAA requirements, costs, flight time hours, and more. We want you to be well-informed so you know what to expect in terms of financial and time commitments to attain your goal of becoming a pilot.

Whether you want to learn to fly just for the fun of it or as a career, give us a call today or use our online contact form and we will get back with you in a timely manner. The Southport, North Carolina skies await you!

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