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Our certified flight instructors will help you realize your goal of becoming a pilot.

Have you ever watched a private plane fly above the Southport, North Carolina area and imagine what it would be like to become a pilot yourself? The good news is that you can! At High Tide Aviation, we love helping our customers learn to fly. You don’t have to join the Air Force to learn to be a pilot—just come see us at High Tide Aviation!

Certified Flight Instructor in Southport, North Carolina

We offer helicopter and airplane flight training for private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument rating, and certified flight instructor certificates. Whether your dream is to fly for fun or as a career, you can be confident that our certified flight instructors will help you achieve your goal. Since we are able to fly 7 days a week, we can accommodate your schedule so you can get in the requisite number of training hours and gain confidence with each flight you take with your certified flight instructor.

Our equipment is meticulously maintained to ensure a pleasant and safe flight, as well as a wonderful training experience. The best way to get started is to meet with us so that we can go over all that is involved in becoming a pilot. We go over the costs and how long you can expect it to take so you have an accurate picture and expectations before beginning this journey. It is a rewarding experience to learn to fly, and we are happy to guide you to earning your wings! Contact us today to learn more and get started realizing your dream.

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