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As a full-service aircraft brokerage, we bring well-qualified buyers and sellers together.

There are many advantages of working with a brokerage in any industry. For example, an insurance broker has connections with a multitude of insurance companies to save you the hassle of researching them all on your own. The same goes for a mortgage broker. If you are looking to purchase or sell an airplane or helicopter, it can be helpful to work with an aircraft brokerage. At High Tide Aviation, we can assist you with a market valuation and help determine an appropriate listing price for your aircraft. We can also help you keep your aircraft in good condition so that it shows well to potential buyers.

Why Use an Aircraft Brokerage When Buying an Aircraft?

If you are looking to purchase, we can match you with aircraft we know are for sale and provide an experienced pilot for a sales demonstration flight. Our experience with aircraft over the years puts us in the best position as an aircraft brokerage to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals. Since we are a full-service aviation specialist, we can also assist with other aircraft services, such as insurance procurement, flight crew selection, aircraft maintenance, flight training, financing, and more.

Whether you are a seller looking to find a well-qualified buyer or someone looking to purchase an airplane or helicopter, we are here to help. We can also help sellers who wish to lease out their aircraft until a buyer can be found. Leasing is an excellent way to defray your costs for keeping your aircraft in top condition.

Call today if you would like to know more about our services as a trusted aircraft brokerage serving the Southport, North Carolina area.